Do your employees have breach fatigue? Big breaches make the headlines, so when the average employee comes across regular news of large organizations suffering a data breach, they often struggle to believe that they themselves can help defend against such an attack. Placing this alongside NIST’s findings that employees often question why somebody in a perceived non-sensitive position would even be targeted, then there is a big concern. As a result, not only are users receiving a high number of security notifications, they also fail to see their relevance to these messages. Many end users aren’t aware that most attacks are automated and that, ultimately, we’re all targets, regardless of our position or sector. Encouraging a proactive and security-minded culture is important to helping fight this stigma, and to also demonstrate that cybersecurity isn’t “just a tech problem”, it’s the responsibility of all users. Educating the workforce to take ownership of protecting their data, as well as the importance of knowing the threats that face all of us, can replace the mindset of online security being just another email.