What will my employees see?

The above video would be the first in the series, and it’s a crucial starting point. The number one reason cybersecurity awareness campaigns fail is because employees rarely believe they are a target to hackers. This video makes the threat real for your employees because it explains exactly [...]


Why is this course effective?

Family-Driven Cybersecurity Awareness Training for your employees is successful because instead of forcing them to learn, we motivate them to care. We do this by providing an easy-to-digest animated video program that can be shared with the entire family on any device at any time or place. Developed by cybersecurity [...]


What does this course cover?

There are 11 animated course videos – each video covering the following topics: Intro to Cybersecurity Awareness – Why you are a target to hackers What is Sensitive Information and How to Protect it How Hackers use Social Engineering to trick you Public Wi-Fi security Safe Web security Password Security [...]