I have been asked recently how to approach business leaders about cybersecurity when they don’t follow the breach headlines and it’s true not all executives follow these stories. Keeping your executives up to date on breach headlines is a great way to make security top of mind, just as you would start locking your car doors in your driveway if your neighbours’ cars were getting broken into, your business leaders may start thinking differently about cybersecurity if they were made aware of what is happening in their industry. However, even better than simply making them aware of the headlines, Security teams should consider helping executives connect the dots between what happened to that company that got breached, what might happen to us, and what we can do to stop it. Giving senior executives examples of the personal brand damage that can come as a result of a data breach is also an effective strategy for engaging them with cybersecurity, as well as highlighting the threat to executive jobs. As we’ve seen from the fall-out of recent major data breaches, security is everyone’s responsibility. In the end, employees at all levels need to buy into this idea.