Make it about them

Leaders within organizations need to help their employees understand why being aware is so important. And the best way to do this is by making your message specific to your audience. When encouraging employees to follow best cybersecurity practices, don’t tell them it will help keep the company secure; rather, [...]


Lateral movement

According to Carbon Black, 70% of all attacks attempt some kind of lateral movement. Indicating that an attack in one part of your business will most likely effect another. Meaning, if you feel you have an employee that is not important enough to be trained on cybersecurity awareness, think again!

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Spotting fake news

The digital world gives us access to a wealth of knowledge, allowing us to carry entire libraries in the palms of our hands, but it also gives us access to criminals, spammers, fake news makers, trolls, haters, frenemies, enemies and a wide range of people looking to deceive us. When [...]


Hackers are hacking people

Looking closely at the digital forensics of many breaches, the acquired evidence often points to a similar root cause — people are getting tricked into doing things they shouldn’t be doing. Year after year, millions of people simply can’t resist the temptation of clicking on those interesting phishing emails, not [...]