Here are some cybersecurity questions to think about that will make your life easier when the seemingly unthinkable (yet highly probable) happens.

  1. How will the business run if there is a data breach? Who needs to be in the room to make decisions in the event of a breach & where is that room?
  2. Spend time with all your departments who use systems with data – you need to know what data is where. Knowing how those systems work & the potential risks to all aspects of your organization will need to be done before anything goes wrong.
  3. Do you need to set up a separate triage service that covers both internal & external queries specific to the breach – who is the point of contact in your organization for employees & the media, are they media trained? Who will speak to clients? Suppliers? Partners?
  4. Are there opportunities to create awareness or engagement by supporting employees with their queries & concerns around their personal data away from work?
  5. What is your plan for communicating with individual employees in the event of a cyber security crisis? We rarely consider our world without electronics — do you have a paper back-up system?