You may think that your startup is all but invisible to criminals due to its small size. However, according to the 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report shared by Verizon, these kinds of attacks are opportunistic. Criminals targeting startups may be banking on the fact that security measures haven’t yet been put into place. By not protecting your startup you’re making it an easy target for cyber criminals. That being said, here are four cybersecurity tips for your startup:

  1. Educate Staff: One in five cyberattacks start with employee errors.
  2. Identify at Risk Information: Make lists of who has access to what data. This includes financial information, customer data, employee records, and any other data that could be used for ill gains.
  3. Put Policies in Place: Establish clear cybersecurity policies and procedures regarding computer usage, passwords, back ups, virus and malware protection, encryption and so on.
  4. Create Data Recovery Processes: This may include talking to your business insurance agent as you create policies and procedures.