Cyber security and your vendors

Focus on managing third party service providers and the potential risks those relationships pose. From a regulatory perspective, understand the cyber maturity of your vendor partners, what data they have access to, and where they might be vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. Weak vendor security controls translate to a weak cybersecurity [...]

Start ups and Cybersecurity

You may think that your startup is all but invisible to criminals due to its small size. However, according to the 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report shared by Verizon, these kinds of attacks are opportunistic. Criminals targeting startups may be banking on the fact that security measures haven’t yet been [...]

Cybersecurity Awareness and You!

In April of 2018, Utah-based company HealthEquity reported 23,000 accounts were compromised in a data breach when an employee fell for a phishing scheme. As a result of human error, information like employee names, deduction amounts and social security numbers were exposed. The HealthEquity breach is hardly an isolated incident [...]

Planning Ahead

Gone are the days that cybersecurity can be relegated to the IT department; it is now a C-suite and board issue that requires corporate wide attention. By asking the right questions and following a risk-based roadmap for prevention and response, executives can better protect their companies, customers & shareholders. Some [...]